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Email Protection
Ransomware, business email compromise, and account takeover attacks are persistent. But guess what? So are we.
Attackers know that people are the easiest way to breach your organization. In an ever-changing work landscape, the tactics of cyber attackers are quickly evolving, but FLC Infotech is evolving faster.
Your most precious resource is also your biggest vulnerability. That’s why we work tirelessly to keep your organization and your people safe from the next generation of cybersecurity threats.


FLC Infotech only partners with the industry’s leading products. One such product is Proofpoint, an end-to-end solution recognized by Gartner as a leader in email security. As the pandemic abruptly shifted work to remote, email and cloud are today’s primary attack vectors. We fight back with intelligent, holistic, and people-centric approaches that block attacks, secure cloud accounts, and educate users while providing best-in-class deployment services.
Don’t choose between efficiency and security. Have it all with FLC Infotech advanced solutions.


Traditional methodologies fail because organizations are creating more data on more communication platforms than ever before.
Humans are your most valuable asset, but they’re also susceptible to losing data. Whether data loss comes from malice, negligence, or compromised credentials, FLC Infotech works to correlate content, behavior, and threats for efficient investigations and meaningful insights.
Where traditional email methodologies fall flat, we see an opportunity to rise to the challenge.


We’ve seen it all and learned from it all so that we can safeguard your organization against it all.
As data-retention needs are on the rise, it’s time to modernize your compliance. FLC Infotech and our expert partners are equipped to offer solutions for your organization, no matter your needs.
See how FLC Infotech is equipped to protect your organization from the next generation of cybersecurity attacks.
Book an appointment today to learn more.